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Search is On for UPIEAA’s Nominee to UP Alumni Engineers’ Outstanding IE Alumni Award

Pillars 2.0

Pillars 2.0 Chair, Ricky Pena

The mind of an IE always seeks to make things BETTER – be it a process, a product, a system,
a community, even a country.

For over 45 years, UP Diliman has produced a bounty harvest of close to 2,500 IE graduates who have made their mark across industries in the Philippines and throughout the world. The UP seal of excellence has made its IE graduates an in-demand breed, helping them get a clear head-start in their careers or businesses, equipping them with the “tubong-UP” discipline to rise above their peers.

Given the meager support UP gets as a state university, it is no mean feat that it continues to be the top Philippine university. While lack of resources leads to creativity, the challenge of the UPIE Department to turn out a new generation of even BETTER IE graduates in a world that is changing so fast, calls for much needed support from its alumni.

The UPIE Alumni Association has made it our mission to rally our alumni to participate in building young and brilliant IE minds.  Blessed to have gained from our UPIE training, we call on your generous support to be a UPIE Pillar. Now on its second year, every contribution you make as a pillar will be used to support the many programs of the UPIE Department in providing BETTER learning opportunities for our students to become BETTER IEs.

We need your help by participating in the UPIEAA’s 2014 Pillars program where your contribution of P6,000.00 or USD150.00 will be used for the various programs of the UP DIEOR towards building a BETTER foundation for future IEs.

While giving back to that special place that has shaped us is in itself a reward, your support will be acknowledged by including your name in the Wall of UPIEAA Lifetime Members at the entrance of the UPIE Faculty Room at Melchor Hall. A specially designed memento bearing your name as a UPIE Pillar will also be commissioned in time for the Annual UPIE Alumni Homecoming in October where all “Pillars” will be recognized.  This fundraising program will run until August 31, 2014.

We have sent out by separate email on the beneficiary of the UPIEAA 2014 Pillars program. For any further inquiry, the UPIEAA Secretariat can be reached at or at telephone number (02) 439 94 96. You can also use Paypal by clicking on Donate Now!

Looking forward to your generous support. Let’s make IE Better!

Beneficiary of the UPIEAA 2014 Pillars Program
The proceeds of the 2014 UPIEAA fundraising will be for the upgrade and construction of the UP DIEOR Laboratories, specifically:

1. The transformation of the IDEA (Information Systems Design, Education and Applications) Laboratory as focus shifts from Applications to Analytics. The transition towards Big Data Analytics is an exciting development as emerging technologies increasingly allow the creation of new ideas from the synthesis of captured diverse information. It is a new field of study that will have far-reaching effects in the future.
2. Ongoing construction at the IE-ME Building Laboratories that will house the following:
2.1 Integrated Product Design and Development Laboratory
2.2 Facilities Planning Laboratory
2.3 Engineering Quality Systems Laboratory

The funds will be judiciously used to procure the necessary hardware, software and/or office equipment that will make these laboratories operational. For transparency, proper documentation and accounting controls will be put in place by the UPIEAA and full status updates may be viewed through the UPIEAA website.

Your help will certainly go a long way in maintaining the high standards expected of a UP IE graduate. Please give generously.

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