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Search is On for UPIEAA’s Nominee to UP Alumni Engineers’ Outstanding IE Alumni Award


The IE Achievers Program is an appeal to the nearly 3,000 UP IE Alumni to give back to the alma mater. The program – managed by the University of the Philippines Industrial Engineering Alumni Association Inc. – will support the following initiatives:

1.    Attracting bright but underprivileged students to UP and retaining them, through financial assistance.

Though the university already provides socialized tuition and financial assistance, it does not adequately address the students’ daily living expenses (food, dormitory, transportation, cellphone load). Hence the need for the College to step in and assist with a monthly financial allowance of P5,000:

•    The underprivileged UP students already identified by central office as needing assistance
•    UP students about to drop out due to difficulty in making ends meet and who due to pride, ignorance or other reasons have not bothered to apply for financial help
•    UPCAT passers who do not plan to enroll at UP due to lack of financial means to defray the cost of dormitory accommodation and living expenses

2.    Retaining the best and brightest faculty through financial assistance.

The increasing turnover in College of Engineering faculty is a serious concern. It’s an unfortunate fact that an Instructor level 1 gets paid only 23K, an assistant professor 1 gets 31K, and a full professor 1 gets 60K. Now contrast this to a newbie cadet engineer in industry who gets an average of 32K, a regular product or design engineer who gets an average of 45K, and an engineering manager who gets anywhere from 60 to 110K and we begin to understand the pressure to augment the monthly incomes of UP’s teaching staff.  The program will assist non-tenured faculty who are not qualified to receive Teaching Research Grants with a monthly financial allowance of P5,000.

3.    Supporting the UPIEOR Department through funding of programs and facilities.

Your donation may also be restricted to funding of programs such as:

•    IE reference books and journal subscriptions
•    Student competitions and faculty conferences
•    LCDs and projectors
•    Laptops for select students and faculty

A large number of our 3,000 IE alumni now live comfortably and may have funds available for charitable causes and gift-giving. Giving back to the University of the Philippines, to the College of Engineering, and to the IEOR department, after our UP tuition had been heavily subsidized (up to 85%) and after our UP engineering diplomas allowed us to get great job offers and kick-start the wonderful careers we enjoy today, sounds like the right thing to do. Let’s all do our share and “give back”, through the IE Achievers Program. You can e-mail the UPIEAA office ( or contact us through the website for additional questions or if you’d like to make a pledge.

We recommend an annual pledge to the IE Achievers Program of P60,000. This will be enough to support 1 student of 1 faculty for a period of 1 year.


Please write out your checks to UP Industrial Engineering Alumni Association Inc. You may contact us at or through the website for additional questions or to make a pledge.

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