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Search is On for UPIEAA’s Nominee to UP Alumni Engineers’ Outstanding IE Alumni Award
I am both privileged and honored to lead the UPIEAA for the coming 2 years. The Board of Directors and I would like to “hit the ground running” by continuing the projects that directly support the IE students, IE Alumni and the IEOR Department. read more
Ever since the UPIEAA website has been up and running, its role as a valuable source of information for our alumni who wish to know the latest major events at the department cannot be denied. Being in the know of these major events has made our alumni ever connected to their alma more

Search is On for UPIEAA’s Nominee to UP Alumni Engineers’ Outstanding IE Alumni Award

Every year, the UP Alumni Engineers stages its homecoming and an integral part of the homecoming is the announcement of most outstanding UP engineering alumni in various fields and disciplines. […]

UPIEAA Endorses Dean Aura for UP Chancellor

In a formal letter last December 22, 2016, from UPIEAA’s president Bing del Rosario addressed to UP President Fred Pascual, the UPIEAA formally endorsed Dean Aura Matias for the position of UP Chancellor, a position that had opened up.

Dean Aura Matias Steps Down as College of Engineering Dean

In a heartwarming despedida on the last day of Dean Aura C. Matias’ second and last term as Dean of the College of Engineering, close college associates, former deans, the UP President, the COE staff, and friends from Dean Aura’s past lives as concert singer, TOYW, and U.P. Integrated School student all came to congratulate her for a job well done and wish her success in future endeavors.

UPIEAA Welcomes 81 New BSIE and Four MSIE Into UPIEAA Ranks

81 new BSIE graduates and four MSIE graduates swelled the ranks of the existing 2,600 IE alumni of UP Diliman’s College of Engineering.

IE Faculty Chair Holders Present at UP COE Professorial Chair Colloquium

Last November 7 and November 11, 2016, for two hours each day, as part of the 13th Professorial Chair Colloquium, the College of Engineering held simultaneous lectures by its Professorial Chair grantees in various venues in Melchor Hall and the Engineering Complex. The UP IE senior faculty gave presentations on their most recent researches at the Beta Epsilon Multimedia Hall.


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